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Your time is valuable, and for those working full time who want to travel and explore the world, the idea of researching, planning, and coordinating a vacation or even a great weekend getaway can often be daunting.  72 Hours To Go was derived from the many requests I received from family and friends to share the detailed accommodation, transportation, and activity plans that I love putting together for my own trips so they could easily replicate and execute their own versions.  It's everything you need to start booking your next travel adventure.  All of the itineraries are self-contained modules that can be enjoyed in a single 3 day trip (or truncated for visits less than 72 hours), or string together nearby locations to build out a longer trip.

In this blog I share my detailed itineraries, my best practices for making the most of a 3 day trip to any city, and what I love most about travelling the world a few days at a time while still working (and loving) my full time job.

All linked products, clothing, and gear are things that I have personally purchased and used, or are recommended by my family and fellow travelers.  Some links are through affiliate programs, where I have an opportunity to earn a commission from purchases.

About Christina

Christina planned her first vacation at age 13 when her parents handed her a Washington D.C. guidebook before the next family vacation and has never stopped planning and coordinating trips since then.

She studied International Affairs at Georgia Tech, and participated in several study abroad programs where she learned to plan budget weekend trips for the thrifty college study with no car.  After graduation, she went on to work for 2 years as a study abroad coordinator for an executive masters degree program where she learned to research and craft high quality trips for the discerning business executive.

Since 2010, Christina lives and works outside of Washington D.C. as a strategy and technology consultant.  She continues to explore the world one weekend at a time with her husband, Tom.

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